"Everything will come in its own time" 

I’ve heard that from my mother since I was young. It’s a soothing mantra that promises opportunities to come. However…

What happens when everything comes at the same time though?

I’m juggling between the end of a semester, parent expectations, job offers, follow ups, more applications, trying to figure out my direction, my location, and my general future. Everything seems to have fallen within the past week. It’s a clutter. A mess. A prime example of high entropy. 

I take a step back. Breathe. 

One thing at a time. Step by step. If complex problems can be broken down, then so can my own personal problems. 

I look at the clock. I feel like I’m racing against time. Each time an hour that ticks by, I wish I had it back. I can wish, but that won’t change anything. Time moves on. I need to move on with it. Time to get moving again.  

First up: Lunch. 

Growing up

I grew up being their everything. I was told that. Everyday. “You are special. You can do anything. You’ll be great at anything you do.” I believed that. I still do. I just wonder when it was they stop believing that. When did they stop believing in me? Or rather when did they append the extra “But you would be better if you did this instead.” 

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Sunset on last night of kenting summer tour~

Sunset on last night of kenting summer tour~

Dessert cafe is such a misleading name… There are no desserts…

I had a salted caramel latte~

It looks like a jazz bar (there are even some alcohol options including coffee with baileys)

Very dateish sort of cafe. (Theres even a couple of couches) Only other people there were 3 couples. yup rather quiet and slightly awkward cafe to be single in.

Misadventures in Taipei

We did what we did best. We wandered the streets partially following maps but mostly the flow of people. Sparkling accessories lit our paths; appetizing odors created our trails. When all was lost, we were pointed into the right direction by the citizens playing candy crush. We had no deliberate objective aside from enjoying the ambiance of the bustling life of Taipei. 

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Cafe near zhongxiao fuxing
First time seen mille feuille in a cafe~

First time fishing~
Apparently my sister and I have super beginners luck or fisherman blood in us~
Arms hurt… And I only fished for 4 hours or so…(went to sleep at 11pm but old men kept on going until 5am…) impressive…

Most awesome way I have seen sugar for coffee. Sugar crystal storing stick!

Most awesome way I have seen sugar for coffee. Sugar crystal storing stick!